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undra      pirits Adoption Procedure

In order to ensure that the best possible match between humans
and canines is made, Tundra Spirits has developed a procedure
to expedite the adoption process.

We strive to match the lifestyles, personalities and environment
of both dog and human based on information supplied by the
potential adopters in applications and interviews.

Our experience with Siberian Huskies and canine behavior
affords us the opportunity to evaluate the rescue dogs'
personality. Please help us to get your new friendship with a
Tundra Spirit Sibe off to a lifetime start by  reading  our
procedures carefully.

1. If there is a question that will influence your decision about a particular
adoptable Sibe, please contact us at
info@tundraspirits.com We cannot place
calls to phone numbers sent to us in e-mails.   We are busy caring for the
rescues as well as our own Sibes, homes and families.  If you are seriously
interested in one of our rescues, or want to be placed on the list for a suitable
match, please fill out an

2. We will acknowledge receipt of your application, and after it’s review by the
Board, we will advise if it meets our adoption criteria.  If you do not receive an
acknowledgment, then we did not receive the application.   If the application is   
incomplete or lacks a Veterinarian reference, it will be denied.  If the application
is accepted,  we will schedule a home visit and conduct reference checks.  If you
do not respond to our request to schedule a home visit, the application will be
denied. Applicants must demonstrate their willingness and ability to provide
proper food, medical care, exercise and a safe healthy environment for the
adopted husky. A meeting between the adopters and the rescue may not be
arranged until the home visit and reference check is completed.  If  the
description of an adoptable dog requires specific experience, knowledge or
skills; please do not apply if you lack the same.

No Tundra Spirits Siberian Husky Rescue adoptable will be placed in a home
which does not provide an adequately fenced area for exercise and training
unless specifically approved in writing by a Tundra Spirits representative.
Siberian Huskies must never be allowed to run off-lead except in secure
areas.  Electronic containment devices are NOT acceptable.  Apartment dwellers
and those meeting special criteria for placement without a fenced area, must
agree to walk the dog daily. The adopted rescue must reside indoors as part of
the family the majority of the time.

The adopters agree to pay an adoption donation of $300-$350 on completion
of the adoption unless specifically exempted in writing by a Tundra Spirits
representative. This donation will help recoup the medical expenses for the
adoptable.  All Tundra Spirits Adoptables are crate and house trained, have
received basic obedience training and complete health examinations and

Tundra Spirits only adopts to approved applicants within a  200 mile
radius of Albany, NY.
Surrender Addendum
We only accept surrenders under specific conditions at this time. Contact us at
info@tundraspirits.com for the specifics. We may be able to list your Sibe as a "Referral"
on our site. We will screen applicants for suitability. You must submit a donation to Tundra
before the adoption will be completed.
Adoption Procedure
Tundra Spirits

Siberian Husky