Kody’s time with Tundra went by too quickly. Even though we knew from the start that his time
might be short, the pleasure he brought us was difficult to give up. His interest in everything
around him and enthusiasm for life became infectious. Whenever you were having a bad day,
you could count on a walk with Kody to put things into perspective. That slow ambling gait, and
his frequent affectionate looks would raise your spirits, calm your thoughts, and bring an
appreciation of life’s gifts.
For that we thank you, Friend.

Our concerns for his health and efforts to provide the best care possible, inspired our research
into diet, conventional and holistic methods to mitigate the cancer. Those long hours spent
learning and talking with kind Veterinarians will enable us to assist other companion animals,
educate their human caretakers, and appreciate our other canine companions more.
For that we thank you, Friend.
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All those involved learned different lessons in our endeavor to ease and dignify the passing of
a canine spirit. We agreed that the hospice experience was a positive one. At some time
during Kody’s stay we all had at least a passing thought of the pain of loss that was inevitable.
A moment gazing into his soft eyes would quickly put those feelings to rest.   
For that we thank you, Friend.

On April 27, 2009 Kody left this world peacefully. His friends from Tundra and our trusted and
respected DVM, Dr. Forlano were with him. The tears we shed when the time came made us
better humans we think. We saw only love, dignity and trust in Kody’s eyes when he left.
For that we thank you, Friend
Special thanks to the APF for sharing Kody with us. To Michele and Bill from SAMA
who took on the financial responsibilities for Kody’s care; and shared our tears. And
Wendy from Tundra who made Kody’s living space so cheerful and pleasant, along with
many hours preparing special diets.
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