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undra       pirits Frequently Asked Questions
Tundra Spirits

Siberian Husky

What is the adoption fee?

How long will the application approval take?


Why can't I see the dogs before I send in an application?

What if I have problems with the dog after adoption?

How can I get more information about a rescue?

Do you adopt out of state?
We access a fee based on the costs involved in updating the rescue's
health and welfare. We do not recoup the costs for fostering or obedience
training. The adopters agree to pay an
adoption donation of $350 on
completion of the adoption unless specifically exempted in writing by a
Tundra Spirits representative.
We are usually very busy with full-time employment and caring for our
current rescues. We are often training, advising or teaching one of our
courses. This leaves little time to respond to all the inquiries we receive
 We do not respond to email inquiries requesting us to call.  
Receipt of your application will be acknowledged. We review applications in
the order in which they are received. We conduct home visits based on the
availability of the applicants. If the times that you are available are limited;
we will move on to another applicant.
We automatically reject all
applications that are incomplete, or do not include full Veterinary
We need a Clinic address; phone number and name of the
Our rescues are housed in private residences; we do not maintain a
shelter  location.
We will not respond to requests to visit our “shelter”.
You can meet the available rescues at one of our events. An application on
file shows us that you are serious about adopting and affords us the
opportunity to make a better match. We arrange rescue meetings in public
areas or at the adopter's residence.
We will provide training, nutrition and behavioral assistance for the life
of the adoption. We consider our adopters to be part of the Tundra family
and maintain contact with our adopters. We conduct a Veterinary check
prior to completion of the adoption. If you are first time adopter, we will
recommend a Sibe friendly Clinic and veterinarian.
All of the information we have about our rescues is provided on the
adoption page. We will share our fostering experiences with you when you
meet the rescue. All records available to
Tundra Spirits will be provided
upon adoption.
Our adoptions are limited to a 200 mile radius from the Albany, NY
area.  Since we maintain a relationship with our adopters, it is more
convenient to  visit and attend events within that distance.
We do not
adopt to the Metro area of NYC.