Spirit, a petite senior female Sibe was
surrendered to the shelter a short time before
Christmas.  The woman signing the release
papers showed no emotion when she stated
that they were in the process of obtaining a
divorce and neither party wanted her. The
teenage children apparently hadn't been
much assistance in providing care for the little
Sibe either.  Before leaving the surrender fee,
the woman did say that Spirit was a good dog
who was no bother and could be left alone for
4 days or more without a problem.
It was obvious that Spirit had spent some
considerable time in isolation. She was
emaciated (37 lbs) and suffering from a raging
infection that was devastating her immune
system. She had received only the minimum
Vet care required by law (rabies)
for the last two years. It is an amazing
testimony to the tenacity of the breed that
Spirit held on as long as she had. But her
comfortable bed in front of the fireplace on
Christmas was only the beginning of her new
The wonderful Vet team at Glenville
Animal Hospital immediately started an
appropriate antibiotic course, along with
pain and arthritis medication. Since coming
under our care, little Spirit has had both
good and bad days, but she is receiving
the love and care that she deserves. She
has a warm place to rest and the company
of both humans and other Sibes
to fill her time when she's not resting. Her
quiet, gentle nature inspires us to provide
the extensive care she requires. She lacks
the strength to stand without help many
times, but once on her feet, she walks with
a purpose and refuses to slow down.
The most rewarding experience while
caring for Spirit, has been her gradual
acceptance of a kind hand and her loving
gaze when being handled. Never once has
she exhibited any aggression towards the
medical or Tundra personnel who have
participated in her therapeutical procedures.
She only flinches occasionally when being
touched now. We may not be able to restore
her health or youth, but she will have peace
and love for whatever time we will be blessed
with her company.  And when her time comes
our tears will not be for her leaving, but rather
that we had not found her sooner.  
Once again, Michele and Bill with SAMA
(www.samafund.org) have stepped up
and offered to share the expenses
incurred in Spirit's rehabilitation. Tundra is
privileged to have met these wonderful
folks who feel as we do about the
sentience of our animal companions.
Click here to visit www.samafund.org
Spirit's loving Gaze
* (Spirit is another example of why
breed-specific Rescues are more
successful than municipal shelters in
proper adoption placement. Through
no fault of their own, the shelter had
adopted her to an extremely neglectful
and abusive family. The interviews,
home and Vet checks and follow-up visits
that breed-specific Rescues undertake
can prevent such a sad situation. With
only an application to
work from, the safety and well-being of
an animal is often a gamble.  And
gentle, trusting creatures like Spirit
deserve better.)*
Sama Fund
Because Every dog Deserves a happy ending!
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